*.yak file is not recognized by Rhino 7

Hi all,

I’m installing a plug in I have made on other computers and i just encountered 1 which doesn’t recognize the yak file.
I do a drag and drop to install the plugin.
Tested the same plugin directly there after and it works. Any ideas on what to do? Or why this can happen?
Kind regards Reinder

Hi @r.weenink,

Can you ensure that the system on which drag and drop fails is running the latest Rhino 7 SR?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Below a picture of the version the pc is running which i had problems with.

When i compare to mine I see that there is a difference in version. Also is the service update unavailable on the mentioned pc.

Should I reinstall?

Hoi Reinder -

Reinstalling is unlikely to solve anything. You might want to check if the McNeel Update Service is running on that machine. If it’s running, stop and restart the service.

Apart from that, you could download the latest version from here.

Hi Dale and Wim,

I’ve installed the latest version and the problem is solved.
Kind Regards Reinder

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