WISH: Clear Error Message For Attempted Plugin Install from ZIP

Rhino 8, Windows. Simple YAK packaged plugin. Plugin is in a zip file, as might not be an uncommon way for a user to receive it.
(attached in this way)
punchtab-0.1.1-rh7_13-any.zip (58.3 KB)

Two scenarios:

  1. open the zip file in Windows Explorer. Copy the YAK file to another directory. Drag-drop the YAK file into Rhino. Success, as reported in the command line.

  2. From the Windows explorer window with the opened zip file (which looks pretty much indistinguishable from a directory view), drag-drop the YAK file into Rhino. It fails silently. You get to see a tiny red “no” symbol as you drag-drop in some parts of the rhino window(viewports) and a big icon of a puzzle piece with a tiny red “no” symbol in others (such as the command line area). That might be easy to miss: I missed it the first two times.

Wish: is it possible to give the user feedback on what they’re doing wrong?

Alternative solution: add an option to the Package Manager to install from a file which the user specifies (presently it only has the ability to download plugins which have been uploaded to the cloud). The important thing is to have an install procedure from a YAK package which the user can follow step by step and get clear feedback about success or failure.

I can’t take a conventional screenshot because the red “no” sign counts as a mouse cursor and hides itself in the screenshot.

Thanks- I’ll take a look at it. I was using a Mac for so long I haven’t been fully set up with Windows tools in a while.