Yak and manifest.yml questions

Hi All,
I’m developing a grasshopper plug in using the Grasshopper templates for v6, and I wish to push it to Yak, but the I’ve ran into some problems.

What I want to know is:

  1. where should I put the values for the non-required attributes in my VS project to auto populate the yml file when using the spec command?
  2. when pushed, why is my plugin only showing in Rhino 6’s package manager and not rhino 7? How do I push it so it shows up in both versions.

I’ve read:


it seems that spec reads GH_AssemblyInfo data, but only the Required Attributes, can is also read the following somehow?

I’ve tried to define fields in (ComponentNae)Info.cs, but they were ignored.

As far as I know the spec command is only meant to be used once, not to update both files, or keep them in sync. For clipper I use this powershell script to keep things in sync, and automatically build a yak package (and a zip file).

I encountered the same issue

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