How do I specify the plugin icon so that Yak uses it?

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pushing a Yak package containing .gha and assorted files, how can I specify a package icon for Yak?

Grasshopper itself correctly uses the icon specified in the GH_AssemblyInfo:

Hey @harmatb, right now the only way to specify an icon is via the icon_url key in manifest.yml. This is just a temporary solution until it’s possible to include the icon file inside the package or use an icon that’s already embedded in .gha or .rhp.

@will I’ve attempted to do this with the VoxelTools 1.0.2. But it does not seem to update, does this take a while? Or is there any procedure to debug why the image would not be showing?

@arendvw I think there’s a bug in the build command that’s stripping the icon_url out of the manifest.yml file. You can check by renaming the resulting .yak file to .zip and unpacking the manifest.yml file. I’ve logged it as RH-59246 and I’ll get it fixed ASAP.

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Hey @arendvw, we just shipped Service Release 27 for Rhino 6 which includes a fix for the missing icon_url.

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Cool! I always use, is this file also updated?

Oh, that version is old! I’ll updated it this week.

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@arendvw The link above is now up to date and I’ll try and do a better job of keeping it that way!

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