Xnurbs test 3Dmodel

Hi @XNurbs,
I’m evaluating the purchase of your product because I use BlendSrf as main srf tool and I wish to see your tool in action.

This is a fast modelling so I didn’t took care of srf too much.
I wish to ask if you can patch the hole you see in the file to let me check the result.

2200603_Xnurbs_trial.3dm (5.9 MB)


@skysurfer, Take a look at the file attached. I didn’t clean up any of the input geometry, just ran the XNurbs command and played a little with the settings. I wouldn’t consider this a perfect result, but given that the input geometry is 4 trimmed edges, I would say the result if very good.

XNurbs_Patch.3dm (4.5 MB)

Thanks for the answer!
I looked into it and seems quite clean for this input.
I’ll take in consideration.