XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software



t-splines is a polynurbs modeler.


This is the ‘multiblend’ tool of Alias. Xnurbs should do better, right?
If Alias succeeds, why should not it be possible in Rhino?
It would be like a trial version of the plug-in, useless to make examples or suppositions.


Is there a recommend for plugins? I’ve been looking
for some.


These approaches with UGS nx: n-side, patch and fill surface.
Xnurbs could do as Ugs or better?


The Alias multiblend command came from the VSR acquisition, I see very little if any improvement.


t-splines was made for your difficult modeling example.


Then we do not take as reference Alias.
Better UGS …


Seemed so, but can’t purchase it…


Why don’t we wait until XNurbs comes up with something tangible?
Then we can play with it in Rhino and get an impression.

Do you think you can provide a Rhino Plugin to test with in foreseeable time?




Hi Toshiaki_Takano,

Something else comes up, and I have to deal with it. It will be delays for my response.

Toshiaki_TakanoPerview1.png shows the preview and RichardZZebra1.png shows the zebra view (As your can see from the preview, all selected constraints are sketch curves, so no tangent/curvature continuity can apply). While the model is quite easy for XNurbs, you should design your model interactively – design some constraints and use XNurbs to generate a surface, then modify your constraints or add more constraints … (There are some problems with your curves. If you use them to design a real product, then you may need to try to improve them.)



Thanks for the feedback.
Funky surfaces, but quite amazing it doesn’t fail and just give up.

I think I need to do sweeps to make the work for XNurbs less and more constraints.
But, I’m looking forward to using this on Rhino.

I think others are waiting too. :wink:


Always better than Rhino’s patch. Inserting some extra curve (as constraint) should work better.

(Pascal Golay) #138

Rhino can do a pretty good job on this particular example.
FiveSideFill_rhino.3dm (871.2 KB)



:champagne: :clinking_glasses: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Multiblend quite often just sucks. Occasional magic only. Speaking from experience.

It’s really all about a logical patch layout. Then you need no Multiblend, XNurbs, Surf-U-Like, InstaBlend or other tomfoolery.

Draw good curves. Overbuild. Use theoretical intersections. Don’t construct from trimmed edges. And then, you’re at the pub by 5pm sharp :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer: until it’s closing time.

(Tom) #142

this word really exists :astonished: I was joining this thread in order to learn about some new ground-breaking NURBS software, but ended up in learning this. Life sucks…


Hej Pascal,

good stuff! It’s almost good ; )

Would be great particularly for beginners and intermediates, if McNeel would keep a repository of typical and interesting solutions, such as those that you and other top users provide.


Do not be annoyed if I put some comparative videos: it seems that Thinkdesign ‘patch’ is better than others …
To you the arduous sentence.


However, I would like to say, apart from the various CAD comparisons, Rhino is a great, stable, easy to use and discreetly powerful software. If developers were to make more efforts on some shortage, it would become even more powerful.


Pascal, maybe I’m wrong, this same exercise had been tried similarly in Rhino 4 and it did not work; has something improved? I do not know, the quality of some instrument / command …