XNurbs Rhino plugin is available!

Rhino Users,

XNurbs Rhino plugin is becoming available!

XNurbs is the most powerful and easiest-to-use NURBS software ever developed. Its surfacing creation capacities can simply overwhelm any existing high-end surfacing software. More info is available at www.xnurbs.com

XNurbs Rhino plugin has the same capacity as XNurbs SolidWorks plugin and the two plugins have a very similar UI (The only difference is the performance – XNurbs Rhino plugin is significantly faster than XNurbs SolidWorks plugin. This is purely caused by the performance difference of some SolidWorks and Rhino APIs):

Currently, XNurbs plugin works for Rhino V6.

We invite some Rhino users to try our XNurbs Rhino plugin before its general availability. It is only intended for users who immediately need powerful surfacing tools in their work or users who are experienced surfacing designers. Some users may purchase XNurbs at the price of 95.00 USD. In return, we hope some Rhino users could share screenshots/videos generated by XNurbs which can be used to show XNurbs capacities and demonstrate how to use XNurbs for different scenarios/applications. (While XNurbs is the easiest-to-use NURBS software ever developed, some users may only use it in trivial cases as no users have any experiences for such powerful surfacing creation capacities.) Based on users’ input, we may adjust the plugin’s UI and improve its manual to better demonstrate the use of XNurbs.

If you are interested, please send a simple email to support@xnurbs.com with the following info:
Subject: XNurbs Rhino plugin evaluation
Your contact email and your Rhino Forum name.

We will send you a password to download the plugin on this Wednesday.



Last week, we made the announcement and a lot of Rhino users downloaded it. The following is all issues raised by users:

The document tolerance setting of the sample files (Fillet.3dm and Cylinder.3dm) is 0.00001mm “Tools > Options > Units > Model”. If you need to use those models for other operations, you need to change the document tolerance setting.

If “XNurbsHelp.chm” does not show properly, then right-click on the chm file and select properties. You will see an “Unblock” button. Click on it. (Our website has the instruction http://xnurbs.com/product/ . Also the website has more explanation about handling chm files: https://www.helpsmith.com/chm-cannot-be-displayed.php)

Before you enable XNurbs in Rhino, please check the date, time, and timezone setting of your computer (If they are not right, set them correctly and restart your computer before installing the plugin).

One thing to remind: Please only share the download link within your company, and do not share it with outsiders. (We ask the Rhino Forum name for the purpose of checking if one has a genuine copy of Rhino.)

How does the Rhino Forum name ensure that someone has a genuine copy of Rhino? Anyone can register for the Rhino Forum.

For people who don’t have a genuine copy of Rhino, I would expect they would stay low and won’t do anything to attract attention on the forum. Do you have a better way to do this?

Hi there,

Can you please consider adding your licensing to Rhino Teams. That’s McNeel’s cloud zoo licensing for teams. We have very little interest in adding one more licensing approach for each Rhino plugin we might consider buying. If you want to make it easy for me to buy your plugin, and buy several copies, make it part of Rhino Teams.



Stop wasting your time in non-customers and focus your attention on paying customers and potential paying customers. They are two groups of people that they do not overlap, and only one of those two groups will make you money.

If I, as a potential customer, see that you are wasting your support and development time chasing piracy I will immediately disregard you, based on your lack of business, development, and customer focus. If I don’t see that your time is spent addressing customer needs I know you will undoubtedly go out of business, therefore you are not worth our time.

My previous post on integrating to Rhino teams seems to me a much much much better use of your time to make it easier for most of us to give you money.

I hope this helps,


Thanks for your suggestion and we will consider it.

You raised a sensitive issue: Others have sent us a clear message ‘our tech is too good to compete with. If we hurt their sales a lot, they will find other way to deal with us…’ While we don’t bother them, we cannot see any reason why we should corner them at this time. The plugin shows others that we can easily help Rhino to overpower their surfacing creation capacities, regardless how “high-end” they are. So react wisely.

Right now, we need some experienced surfacing designers to demonstrate how to use XNurbs for different operations/scenarios/applications. (While XNurbs is the easiest-to-use NURBS software, without the help from experienced surfacing designers, some users may only use it in trivial cases.)

Do you know Mr. Quigley? I guess the guy Kevin mentioned is you.

I think that most users will benefit such plug-in, not just the experienced ones. In fact, people who are less experienced will benefit more since the professionals already know how to deal with building complex blend surfaces around multi-sided holes. I can see a good use of this tool by those who do mostly architectural concepts.

On a side note, how and when somebody is considered experienced? I’m extremely weak at doing renderings and tweaking materials, have no clue how to use Grasshopper, used the “Twist” and “BoxEdit” commands only once in my life, and never used 30% of the modeling tools in Rhino. I tried the “Smash” tool for the first time couple of days ago. Judging by these statistics, on paper I seem to be a very bad NURBS modeler.

Without the demonstration from experienced surfacing designers, some users might only use XNurbs for obvious or trivial cases, e.g., filling multi-sided holes. In fact, existing surfacing tools in CAD are just degenerated cases of XNurbs. In plain English, except for very special cases, e.g., analytical surfaces, for the same input, the surfaces generated by XNurbs should be superior than the ones generated by traditional surfacing methods …


I’ve tried to use your plugin but can’t load it. I get message “Cannot find valid license…”
When i open TurboActivate it says i have 28 days left to activate

Any ideas?

Could you tell me the whole error message? Also, as stated above, “Before you enable XNurbs in Rhino, please check the date, time, and timezone setting of your computer (If they are not right, set them correctly and restart your computer before installing the plugin).” Dose your computer has the right date, time, and timezone setting? Could you install XNurbs on a different computer with the right time setting?

All date, time etc is correct.

I have no possibility to install xnurbs on another machine.



Thanks for the info.

Did you accidentally change the time and then correct it?

The license management is a standard component developed by a New Hampshire-based company. For trial versions, if the computer time were changed, the license would become invalid.

In the next couple of days, a new version will become available (It improves the UI and also is powered by a new xn kernel version, which is “optimized” for Rhino modelling and should work better for Rhino.) Unless you need to use the plugin immediately, I would recommend that you directly install the new version (it will reset your trial).

I didn’t change time, time is set to automatic but sure can wait for new version and then we’ll see thank you.

I would argue there are no “trivial” problems when you are modeling for production parts.

From what I’ve already tried xnurbs not only helps with final surface it also saves time when the solution is not obvious. (tryouts) Just knowing how the surface flow should go, when it’s hard to tell, is half the job.

Also xnurbs will not fix your errors, feed it bad input data and expect bad results. However these bad results are still better then what other software will give you.

I’m also a huge fan of the “flatness control function”. Even when the solution is not 100 percent you can still recalculate the surface and get the final 5 percent down manually. The control point grids it generates are fantastic.

Out of the box xnurbs solution for concave-convex corner transition with decent input conditions and flatness control:


@XNurbs i read that you will not support the mac version, would that be an ultimate decision? did you write your plugin based on rhinocommon? i would have some more or less exotic ideas which i am currently often “abusing” the inbuilt patch system from Rhino itself for. it would be interesting to try what your plugin would deliver on that. unfortunately i dont have any access to windows computers at all.

My point was that a professional CAD modeler knows his or her stuff and is more than capable of dealing with complex transitions between multiple surfaces. It’s the less experienced modelers who will benefit most from XNurbs. Even in this forum I see plenty of people who look for opinions and help, asking how to create certain simple transitions (simple for those with long experience who already know how to properly create them).

The screen-shots you posted above show a very simple transition surface than could be made with Rhino’s basic Blend surface or Sweep 2 rail (and additional Match surface command if necessary). Sometimes the UVN tool is also quite powerful to accomplish visually perfect transitions. From what I saw so far it seems like XNurbs has much bigger capabilities than just a simple 2-sided blend surface. It looks promising.


My point would be that ease of use scores extra points. When you have alot of complex transitions to do daily + revisions it adds up. If I can have a tool that gets me more than half way there in one click its a great benefit to me.

It is simple but annoying, for me it demonstrates xnurbs capability in a great way.
I’m making some exmples of xnurbs for their review, hopefully those can show the software in a good way.

Blendsrf tangency and blendsrf curvature: (I know you can fix that but with this - you don’t have to)

Any papers or publications about these claims?

Why would the XNurbs surfaces be superior?