XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software

Did you get XNurbs plugin? Many guys actually got the the link from others. We ask people to provide the Rhino Forum name for the purpose of checking if one has a genuine copy of Rhino. @davide76 can confirm that we did not make any trouble when he asked to download the plugin.

I downloaded the file but I have not installed anything yet, I will do it soon.
Thank you


a colleague of mine got it for me yesterday, hopefully you won’t hold that against me.

I don’t have rhino 6 but did manage to get it installed on the 90 day trial version of rhino.

I am currently testing it and will be able to give you my review + some screenshots when I’m done, please give me a few days.

I would say first impressons are positive.


*On a side note - rhino 6 is pretty :star_struck:

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Many people actually got XNurbs plugin from others and they may be very experienced designers, so we won’t do anything against them.

Just let us know if you have any questions. This week, we might provide a new update, which slightly improves the UI. (Both versions should be very robust. The new update is not necessary for the testing purpose, but would be useful for screenshots. For any screenshots from users, we will mark it clearly “Courtesy of XXX”.)

If a lot of Rhino users still need V5, we would provide a plugin for Rhino 5.

Many thanks.

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thank you, you will definitely get feedback from me when I’m done, via private message.

best regards,

Where/how do you want us to give feedback about the plugin?
Through the Rhino forum?

Thank you. Please send your feedback to our support email.

In fact, an update will become available in the next couple of days. (It adjusts the UI and also is powered by a new xn kernel version, which is particularly toned for Rhino and should work better for Rhino.)


Many thanks.

If you read our latest post from XNurbs Rhino plugin is available!, you can see that, right now, we need some experienced surfacing designers like you to demonstrate how to use XNurbs for different operations/scenarios/applications. (While XNurbs is the easiest-to-use NURBS software, without the help from experienced surfacing designers, some users may only use it in trivial cases.)

An update will become available in the next couple of days. If you need it, we could give you a link to download it.

@XNurbs I sent an email to sales@xnurbs.com,
the day 4 mar 2019, 22:59, I haven’t received a reply yet.
Please at least reply, since you are active on the forum, thanks.

That’s what happened to me.

I sent an email on Apr 2nd and another one, with the details asked for on this forum on Apr 4th.

There has been no reply.

Did anybody get the update mentioned by XNurbs on Feb 7th?

Have a look at the other XNurbs thread…

must mcneel buy xnurbs for what autodesk did to t-spline


It would be interesting if McNeel could buy Xnurbs technology; In this way it could replace the “patch” with this much more powerful, useful and functional tool. It would be a possible and painless acquisition for both parties (in the end it is just a plug-in aimed at a small aspect of modeling). Finally Rhino would have a “multiblend” worthy of note!


Interesting is the right word. I think if they do this, McNeel could make a deal with Netflix for a TV series/docu-drama. They should call it ‘Acquihired’. And it would show the daily life at the McNeel office with the new XNurbs guy.

This will make about 1000x more money than selling 100 incremental licenses of Rhino & 10x more support calls for having a better patch/blend tool.



I’d only watch if they make XNurbs guy wear an Apple T-shirt…


…yeah that was my first time making a point that nothing about these interactions here gives confidence on the developer. You are right that was very sarcastic in my part, I should have done better. Same as when I address you and other’s: I should also follow along and respect the point of view that Macs are valid computer options for professional work.

By now I think we have established that Xnurbs has a bit of a raw style, but hey, we are all different, and we need to accept his star developers personality if we like to buy his tool.

However, last’s weeks’ childish fights summed up in my school boys .gif are not constructive and are not helping anyone.

Neither does your swearing.


You are confusing or mislabeling Expletive Infixation with swearing. ‘Grow the fuck up’ is not insulting anyone growing up. It’s intensifying the level of growing up that must take place.

In certain cultures and socio-economical circles people choose to mislabel expletive infixations as swearing as a form of diminishing the validity of the values being expressed. It’s what I would call: condescending af. I really hope this is not the case here. Is it?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expletive_infixation

Macs SUCK! I just prefer them. Ponder that one…

You missed your calling in academia. :smiling_imp:

…Neither does your Expletive Infixation