XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software



Here is the surface generated by XNurbs Multiblend3Srf.STEP (219.6 KB)
and the screenshots (To show how to control the internal shape, a guide curve in added)

Could you tell me how you designed the existing tunnels - the shapes are not “natural”? The following shows you how to design the tunnels with XNurbs (all G2 continuity. You can use internal curves to control the shape.)

Multiblend.STEP (70.0 KB)


Sorry for the quite late response.
The curves are quite random I guess, shears need to match the finger so it’s not making great looking
curve, but something that feel right to the finger.
As for the Surface, I think I used sweep2 in Rhino to make.

For the Multiblend3Srf.STEP is there way to control the plumpy surface?


Rhino plugin should be available to some Rhino users next week. It is powered with the same xn kernel, so it has the same capacity as XNurbes SolidWorks addin. (While the Rhino plugin is very simple, developing the plugin with Rhino SDK takes much more time than we expected: The slow progress is partly caused by Rhino SDK … So Rhino users cannot just blame us for the delay.)

Last week, we also released a new SolidWorks version, and we tested your model with it – it produces a better result for your Multiblend. (That version significantly improves the achieved tangent deviation, so does the Rhino plugin.)

If you redesign the whole tunnel using XNurbs, you can easily get G2 (see the attached screenshots and model. XNurbs replaces sweeps.). (You could get better surfaces if you would use better curves and layout.)

Multiblend.STEP (333.5 KB)

You can add more internal constraints to control the shape generated, e.g., points, curves, point cloud, curve networks… (The inner guiding points/curves don’t need to be perfect or precise, as XNurbs will automatically optimize and “correct” the guiding points/curves. So you can just draw the inner points/curves on the fly.) The above example show the use of a guiding curve. Of course, you can use any constraints, e.g., a curve network etc. The following show the use of internal points.


How may one apply to be considerated as a user?


I hope no distinction is made between serious A and B-series users: a plug-in should be “democratic” for everyone, not for a select few. Then, some users will choose, if they want, to buy your plug-in.


Thanks! Looking forward to trying out the demo.
(how to apply//download? as question raised above?)

Got one design that I’m starting just now, so it’d be good timing.


I’m too definitely interested in this plugin, although I’ve been so occupied with other projects lately so I haven’t had the chance to try it out. But the results demonstrated so far exceeds my requirements by far. So when ready to ship, ping me with a PM with info on pricing. Hopefully I can afford it.

// Rolf


I must say that this plug-in for Rhino is making you sweat! Announcements and proclamations, but still nothing! It’s just a plug-in to do a certain thing, we’re not talking about a complete and complex software!


For havens sake… !

Programmers know that you can encounter problems along the way. The size of the software isn’t determining whether you will have problems or not. If going only the short distance from one side of a bridge to the other side, the distance doesn’t matter if the bridge is closed or broken.

I don’t want a debate on this, but I’m getting sick of the unforgiving attitudes. Someone got provoked (by bad attitudes, by the way), and now the whining doesn’t seem to ever stop.

In any case, some of us are actually looking forward to the release of the plugin, delayed or not.

Enough is enough.

// Rolf


We will make an announcement within the next couple of days.

Yes, the plugin is very simple, but please read the thread Get the tolerance related to Curve/Surface Evaluator. Even for a trivial question, we may waste days even weeks! It is really not our fault for the slow progress. I already ask @bobmcneel to provide us with a better support!


Have you downloaded XNurbs Rhino plugin?

Last week, we made an announcement ( XNurbs Rhino plugin is available! ) and a lot of Rhino users downloaded it.


Will do! Thnx!


Did you get XNurbs plugin? Many guys actually got the the link from others. We ask people to provide the Rhino Forum name for the purpose of checking if one has a genuine copy of Rhino. @davide76 can confirm that we did not make any trouble when he asked to download the plugin.


I downloaded the file but I have not installed anything yet, I will do it soon.
Thank you



a colleague of mine got it for me yesterday, hopefully you won’t hold that against me.

I don’t have rhino 6 but did manage to get it installed on the 90 day trial version of rhino.

I am currently testing it and will be able to give you my review + some screenshots when I’m done, please give me a few days.

I would say first impressons are positive.


*On a side note - rhino 6 is pretty :star_struck:


Many people actually got XNurbs plugin from others and they may be very experienced designers, so we won’t do anything against them.

Just let us know if you have any questions. This week, we might provide a new update, which slightly improves the UI. (Both versions should be very robust. The new update is not necessary for the testing purpose, but would be useful for screenshots. For any screenshots from users, we will mark it clearly “Courtesy of XXX”.)

If a lot of Rhino users still need V5, we would provide a plugin for Rhino 5.

Many thanks.


thank you, you will definitely get feedback from me when I’m done, via private message.

best regards,


Where/how do you want us to give feedback about the plugin?
Through the Rhino forum?


Thank you. Please send your feedback to our support email.

In fact, an update will become available in the next couple of days. (It adjusts the UI and also is powered by a new xn kernel version, which is particularly toned for Rhino and should work better for Rhino.)


Many thanks.

If you read our latest post from XNurbs Rhino plugin is available!, you can see that, right now, we need some experienced surfacing designers like you to demonstrate how to use XNurbs for different operations/scenarios/applications. (While XNurbs is the easiest-to-use NURBS software, without the help from experienced surfacing designers, some users may only use it in trivial cases.)

An update will become available in the next couple of days. If you need it, we could give you a link to download it.