Xeon vs i7, GTX vs Quadro

I am building a new desktop for my architecture studies. I need to use software like Rhino, Revit, Maya…
It seems like Xeon and Quadro are really good for CAD rendering thing.
However, after researching and asking some of my friends, most of seem used i7 and GTX and they said the config actually worked really well in these software.
Now, I am thinking to buy i7 5930k/ Xeon 2630-v3 and GTX 980ti/ Quadro k4200.
Has anyone experienced both of them? Can you give me any suggestion?
Thank you very much.

I’d say go for i7 and a GTX.

Rhino is all about single core CPU speed for modelling.
And the graphicpipeline is bottlenecked by the software so most cards run equally fast when working with Nurbs.
Quadro cards has been faster with pure mesh in simple rendermodes without shadows, but newer GeForce drivers has a Performance setting that makes them almost just as fast.

And for rendering with some software (Otoy’s Octane etc) Cuda cores matters and you get many more on a GeForce than on a Quadro for the same amount of cash.

Xeons are made for 24/7 100% load stability and support error correcting ram. This is not needed for most pro work and overkill for a student.

Hi Jason,

Have just been going through the same research myself. I am leaning towards the new i7 6700k, which is the newer version of the i7 4790k that is very popular and about the quickest for single threaded apps, however the latest 6700 series has a new chipset that supports 64gb RAM if you need it.

Having used Quadro cards for years, I am now leaning towards the GTX 980ti also.

I can’t speak for the other software, but for Rhino a laptop with graphics is sufficient. I’ve been very happy with my 2013 Retina MacBook Pro (with GTX graphics & Bootcamp), and I’ve used it exclusively, for professional use, with zero problems. If I were you, especially as a student, I’d get a laptop and maybe an external monitor if you need a large screen.

yea i understand you… but how do you use Vray in rhino on mac?

You don’t, you use Rhino for Windows with bootcamp.