System requirements i7 Xeon Geforce or Quadro?

Hey Guys,

i am now using Rhino for 2 years and the Projects i am running through
are getting bigger and bigger.I can see my Computer getting through his limits,
so i am defently need to a get a new one the next time.

My problem is that i cant find anything helpful to understand what is the best for Rhino?

Does Rhino use all Cores of the I7? or just One? is a Intel Xeon better than an i7 for Rhino ?
Does Rhino supports Sli technology? Whats better Quadro or Geforce?

Whats more important for Rhino when i am modeling, Cpu or Gpu ? is Gpu just important for Rendering?

So Guys as you can see there are Questions above Questions ,
if Somebody could help me to bring a little bit light in the dark
i would be very Thankful.


Hi @Michael4, Many of these questions are answered in other threads on discourse.
Quick answers:
On i7 Rhino generally uses single thread, but your rendering engine like Vray will use all 8 x threads.
In my experience Quadro will always outperform a Geforce of similar age/chipset,
the quadro will cost much more, which means that for the cost of a lower end quadro you can buy a higher end Geforce which, despite the geforce limitations will probably outperform the similarly priced quadro because you can buy a much higher end Geforce for the same cost as the quadro.

CPU/GPU importance:
CPU with higher clockspeed increases Rhino responsiveness with large models or with many curves due to mainly single core/thread being utilised.
CPU with more cores/threads like an i7 aids rendering engines like Vray.
Faster GPU will give you better Anti-Aliasing, and also will enable you to run a certain model at a higher anti-aliasing level 2, 4, 8, 16 etc.without screen slowdown or stutter.
It is well documented on this forum that Nvidia has superior anti-aliasing compared to AMD cards with respect to thin lines etc.
GPU Rendering - Only applies if you are using something like Vray RT mode or other GPU based rendering engines.
So… For Rhino performance, 1st look at the highest clock speed CPU you can afford, then as secondary choice get as many cores/threads as you can at that higher clock speed.

Michael VS

I have an i7 with 8 cores (16 virtual) and a GTX 970 and 32GB of ram… If your workflow is just Rhino then it may be overkill, you’d be better with a fast chip and fewer cores.

In my experience the thing that made the most difference with Rhino was memory. I was using 4GB and then 8GB which made all the difference on different machines. 16GB was spot on but I found rendering in Keyshot, post processing in Photoshop/Illustrator and other programs I had open at the same time meant 32GB minimum was a must.

I’ve been reading reviews on here for a while and looking at the Holomark tests - I wouldn’t bother with a Quadro, but that’s my personal opinion and I mostly work on single items and not architectural projects.