X Point Style like Catia or Alias

I would like to change my display Point Style to X rather than Rouded with white center. I’m wondering if it is the way to change it without creating custom script/plug-in.

I would be grateful for any advice.

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Hello - no, not that I know of.


Hi @pascal,
I tried to edit eCVStyle parametr in Disply Mode .ini file. I found a value corresponding to the point styles. I also tried to enter other values but did’t find which sets a different style than Circular with white center.
I don’t know if it’s possible to change this parameter to set X shape point style.

eCVStyle = 50 - Square
eCVStyle = 51 - Circular
eCVStyle = 100 - Square with white center
eCVStyle = 101 - Square control point with crosshair lines
eCVStyle = 102 - Circular with white center
eCVStyle = 103 - Round control point with crosshair lines


It looks like there is a possibility of having them via RhinoCommon -

However, I’m not sure any of the normal display modes are designed to access this, which means it might only be possible currently with a custom display pipeline…

Grasshopper has ‘X’ style points, so somewhere in there it should be possible - but maybe not until V8…