Wrong visualization order img hatch overlay

Hi all,
both in rhino 6 and rhino 7WIP I have a problem with visualizing hatches on top of images, the BringToFront or SendToBack commands do not work, even if they are on 2 different planes am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
maybe would it be useful having an option to activate the forced visualization order only if the objects are complanar? or something like that

I’m not sure if I understood your replay :P, do you mean it’s already like that?

Please try a Forum search for
hatch draworder

Hi Ric - could you post an example?

Fred, I did it but the solutions I found didn’t work for me.
Anyway I found out why it’s not working in my file (attached)
The problem is that I was trying to push the image back, and like so it does not work.
But if I pull the hatch up it works I don’t know why.

example.3dm (231.5 KB)

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Hi - The draworder property only gets applied to curves and hatches.

I see, thanks for the answer.
The problem is that when I have a moltitude of objects and images, and I want to put the images back the only possible way is to select all the other objects (curves and hatches) and bring them forward, it’s a bit tedious in some projects but I can get use to it.

Maybe to help managing draw order for complex files it could be added a new feature in the draw order menu to send the target object on the back of the other objects on the same layer or (layer group) and not on the back of every object in the scene.

Anyway thanks a lot for the clarification and fast response.