Draw order hatches - display BUG?

Hi, I am experiencing some issues with displaying the proper draw order of hatches. Interesting thing is, that it is somehow related to the amount or range of my drawing. When my scene is complete, the bug occures (pic.1). But When I isolate the objects and let’s say its surrounding, it behaves normally (pic.2)

Any ideas?

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Hello - have you used the draw order commands on these hatches? (BringToFront, BringForward, SendToBack, SendBackward) That might help. I guess the difference between the full scene and only some objects is that with the full scene, assuming the depth in the camera direction is larger that way, the depth testing for objects becomes less fine grained, in 3d terms. The depth is split into a limited number of buckets to test and the deeper the scene the larger the buckets, so depth testing can go off. At least I think that is what is going on… but I am not sure if that applies to plan views like Top… Can you send us the file? (www.rhino3d.com/upload , att’n pascal)


Hello Pascal,
yes, I am using these commands to influence draw order, but having problems with proper behavior.
Hmmm, so what does it mean in general? Is this display issue related to the performance of my machine?

I got an error when trying to upload a file - so I have sent it to you via email.

Hello - You might try starting over with the draw order - ClearDrawOrder and then set them fresh with BringToFront etc.


Thank you Pascal, this works fine…but it doesn’t solve the problem with more complex drawing, when any draw order command doesn’t as expected. I guess i have to find some workarounds for this…

Hi Petr - I see you have VisualArq involved - it might be worth blocking that plug-in in Options > Plug-ins ( as well as Tibidabo) and then restarting Rhino and seeing if the problem persists.


Nope, no response - this doesn’t help. I tried to delete the geometry little by little and found the border between correct and incorect displaying draworder…

Hello - OK… your file does not seem to have the hollow rectangular hatch that you show in your images above, so I could not test exactly…