Wrong layer displayed

I’m experiencing some UI issues where as I have long layer names I tend to hover with the cursor above the layer popup menu in the bottom of the screen to tell on what layer a selected object is on.

It however pops up a small window displaying the current layer instead, even if I can see that it definately is not on that layer, Can anyone tell me how to make it behave as it used to?!
See image to see how it displays it in a way I am not used to.


Hi Albert - I don’t know… it should not do this - can you send an example where you see this occur? Here, or tech@mcneel.com. If you can reproduce the problem in a very simple file, that is best for trouble-shooting.


I have an ongoing discussion with one of your colleagues over e-mail, but the issue is not yet resolved.
I’m running Rhino 5 64bit, the same issues occur in the 32Bit version. Do you believe that this is a settings issue?

I can’t reproduce it win V5 here in my file.
Can you please post this example file?

Hi, in this file it should be able to reproduce the issue at hand. Although, one of your collegues mentioned that in V5 it will always display the Current layer when hovering and not expand the name that wont fit the UI, as opposed to V6 where it expands the layer name hovered.

Layername_hover_issue.3dm (110.4 KB)

Even with your file, running V5 SR14 in Windows 10, the tooltip long layer name is complete:

I don’t know what to suggest.

And you hade another layer set as Current layer? To me it always displays the name of the current layer. Not the selected object layer.

I rotated through making all of the long layers current using both the Layer panel and the status bar tool, then checked the tooltip each time.
I never had a clipped layer name.

I don’t know what sort of OpenGL “trickery” is used for the tooltip popup, so I suppose on an outside chance, this might be a display driver glitch.

I’m running Windows 10 on crappy little netbook with an Intel Iris 540 chip, running current drivers.

What are you running?

I’m running a not so crappy dell xps 15 9550, 32gb ram, i7 quad-core, nvidia gtx 960M. It might be the dpi-scaling or something. I have a 15” monitor with 3850x2160 res. I do also have some issues with rhino not recognizing the gpu-memory to be more than 64mb. And the driver version and date listed as N/A.

Some glitch indeed.

Will try to install rhino fresh again. Maybe it’ll do the trick!

Use the Windows’ Device Manager to check the date of the display adapter drivers for both the embedded Intel and the GeForce cards.
I suspect you might have old drivers running on both.
It’s a long-shot but worth checking.

Well, I did check the drivers for the nVidia card a lot of times before, this has been a persistent issue in V5 that it doesn’t recognize the card. What I do realize is that at this time Im not on the latest driver. nVidia releases new drivers about every second or third week, and my system apparently doesn’t check for and installs those updates. I will install the new driver sets, and have my fingers crossed for this to work!

Thank you for your time and feedback!

I did update the nvidia driver, made a clean install. Device manager says Driver Date: 2018-07-30 Driver Version:, Rhino says OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 398.82 Driver Date: NA Driver Version: NA

Updated the intel driver as well, Rhino still has the same OpenGL issue, and still have the Layer name issue, always showing the current layer when hovering.

I have told Rhino to set aside DPI-scaling behaviour with some kind of compatability setting, due to my high DPI screen. Can this be causing the issues? It is just that on a 15" high dpi, the UI is so incredibly tiny even with symbols set to Large. It also clips the text in the bottom toolbar ribbon. Have fiddled with these settings from time to time for about a year now, never found a true solution.

Any news on this issue?

Still not running as expected over here.

I’ve now tried this on my machine:

So, at least, I can confirm what you are seeing.

Do you know which college that was? Perhaps if we find out what the common denominator is, there might be a way to work around the issue. Do note that there won’t be any updates to RH5, though…

Giuseppe Massoni was the person who I was in contac with after sending the file to tech@mcne…
Thank you for looking into this issue!
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