Wrap a vector

I’m new to 3D design and wish to know if this is the right software for me! I simply want to know if I can wrap my 2D vector images around a hollow sphere, be able to edit the line work and save it as .iges file for laser cutting? Any help with this would be very much appreciated.


If you have 2D vector files such as illustrator or similar format, you can open them in Rhino. To ‘wrap’ them onto a sphere, you can use the _FlowAlongSrf command. Here is a screenshot of some simple 2D curves wrapped onto the sphere with this command. You can then export the model in a variety for formats, including .iges.

Thanks fraguada - I’ll give it a go!

Does it allow you to edit individual parts on the sphere too?

Not directly - but if you FlowAlongSrf with History turned on, you can edit the flat pattern and have it update on the sphere - that might be good enough?


Hi again
I have been able to import a vector image but not sure what to select on the sphere to get it to wrap around - do you have step by step instructions please?