Wrap long curve on cylinder


Would like to wrap a long curve (multiple revolutions long) around a cylinder. I have tried using flow along surface, but what ends up happening is that the portion of the curve that is outside of the flat surface isn’t wrapped


Here’s something more like what I’m after, where the long ribbon is wrapped multiple revs around a cylinder.



Hello - I guess you’ll need to split up the curve and do it in stages:

then Join the output curves.


Thanks for the response. Could be tedious with many splits/revolutions/joins? Maybe there’s a way to script this with python or grasshopper.

I have a poor mans way of doing it.
set tol very low
create a 2d spiral,starting at your cyl diameter.lets say 50mm dia.
create 10 turns out to 50.001mm dia.
extrude this to height you need.
unroll develop-able surface.
lay curves on this unrolled surface.
flow along surface back on to your spiral surface

make extruded cylinder at 50mm dia.
pull 3d curves to cylinder.

it wont be exact, depends what you are making
but it works

i hope this makes sense.

numbers are arbitrary.


Thanks, that’s a nice method.