Ribbon around a tapered cylinder?

I don’t know how to get started with this. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Try playing with CreateUVCrv and ApplyUVCrv.

If you mean a flat, straight ribbon wound around a tapered cylinder? Create and/or applyuvcrv will deform the ribbon. If you don’t want this (as I didn’t when I wanted to simulate applying tape to a cone), do the following:
Unroll your cylinder, draw your ribbon on the flat unrolled surface, then select the ribbon and use FlowAlongSrf, using the unrolled surface as the base surface, and the original cylinder as the target surface. You can also enable history, so you can tinker with the ribbons’ position (note- many part of the ribbon not on/within the flattened surface will not map to the cylinder properly…)

(uploaded a picture but I guess I’m not trustworthy enough yet…)

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Thanks to both of you. Both methods work and I will have immediate use of both of them in different contexts. One of my clients (think sexy underwear on impossibly beautiful models) commissions large, tapered cylindrical structures that are wrapped in ribbons. Until now I’ve been limited to 2D views of the objects for them. These commands will allow me to take the next step to 3D views

Note: for anyone searching this topic - I didn’t find the command ApplyUVCrv but I did find ApplyCrv which does exactly what I wanted. Heath’s solution generates curves around the cylinder and cairn’s solution provides the same result but with a surface instead of a curve.

Might not be relevant, but there is a difference: when you use ApplyCrv the resulting curves on surface are distorted- in other words, they do not behave like a ribbon would when pasted onto a tapered cylinder. If you unroll the cylinder and the curves, you can see the extent of the distortion (pic attached)

I see exactly what you mean (I don’t think I can upload a picture yet, maybe soon I’ll get to be a trustie).
The client commissions large lamp shade like structures (9’ to 10’ in diameter) that are surfaced with pink ribbons stretched from top to bottom. Even though the ribbons are technically ‘spiraling’ around the drum shade their actual angle top to bottom is very slight so they appear relatively straight. My first attempts using ApplyCrv made the surface appear to belly out at the middle. FlowAlongSrf creates a accurate image of the fabricated and ribboned item.

Thanks again - this really helps me along.