Help making a Ribbon Shape around on a curved surface

Hello, I am trying to create a ribbon shape around a oval like surface. I interpolated the line on the surface and am now trying to make a flat ribbon shape that flows along the surface with the interpolated line as the center. I am using Rhino 7. The spiral like line does not make a full 360 degree twist, but every time I try to make the ribbon, Rhino twists the face of the ribbon much more than the surface.

I’ve posted some screen shots below. The pink line is what I’m using as the centerline of my ribbon. I’ve come close to a ribbon shape by interpolating lines to either side of the Pink Line, but they taper at the bottom and the top. The third images shows the over-twisting that is occurring with all of my attempts.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully this screen shot shows the lines a bit better.