Wow... after just 1.5 tutorials

New Rhino user (actually still in demo…)

Recently I posted in the Rhino forum about ways to create stairs. Currently using a plugin in SketchUp, which is nice, but lacking a few things.

Didn’t even know about Grasshopper, really, until I tried Rhino. Last night I read a bit, then early this morning, decided to jump into tutorials.

I had no idea what the tutorials would even be about. After watching just the first tutorial, and 7 minutes of the second… I realized… well, results below. (With about 5 minutes of figuring out the extrusion, distance, direction, and step extrusion components, of course.)

As in the topic… Wow. Really intuitive, and as a designer/artist by nature/profession… wow. I wish I would have known about this a long time ago.

I realize doing more accurate/complex variations will take some time, if I’m even able to figure it out (eg. continuous stair railings through multiple floors) but I can see that on something like this, the ability to quickly model and customize stairs, railings, and their components may be extraordinarily satisfying… (no hints yet please)

I have some general questions about the philosophy of the order in which things are required, but I’ll be back later for that… :slight_smile:



Like, literally :slight_smile:


Pro Tip: Make sure you the have the “Draw Fancy Wires” display option selected.

Data Trees = :exploding_head:

Also, say “hi” to @DavidRutten (GH creator).


You can try

It have tools for stairs may help you (windows only)