Probably a silly question or two - but here goes

I’ve only done two tutorials so far, but am wondering:

How much of your work / play do you now automate via Grasshopper?

Asking because it seems (with my limited exposure to GH so far) that with some elements that repeat (windows, columns, beams, etc.) or other things, people must have their own personal “libraries” they use for actual geometry or templating…

Is this the case? I haven’t read about how to use GH in a “modular” way and not sure of what the terminology is yet.

I can see where for things like stairs, windows, curtain walls, fasteners, holes, buttons… well, maybe I’ve had too much coffee.

That is why exists to automate and bring news things.

Nevertheless, you still need to learn and get used to gh interface, data types and data trees.

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