Any scripts/plugins etc. for building "robust" stairs with railings?

Hi all,

I’ve been experimenting with a few different plugins for SketchUp for making stairs with railings; each one so far has required quite a bit of extra work, with probably the hardest part being the railing geometry around landing turns to another stairway. It’s too bad because there were tons of stair and railing styles; it probably would have been more efficient if they had made the script create construction lines too, or something :slight_smile:

Even with that, I didn’t find anything that would let me choose a point on each floor to set height, and certainly not change it after the stairs were generated.

Ideally I’d love to find something I’d be able to model within Rhino and make changes “on the fly”, meaning, as was the case in SketchUp, not having to return to the very beginning of the process just to get a railing moved over 1/2 inch…

Any suggestions appreciated!

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Thanks Dale-
Interesting… maybe overkill though. Something I looked for & didn’t see though was was exactly what kind of control we have over stairs/rails. Looks like pretty much every other thing I’ve seen so far that shows a bunch of generic examples of stairs and railings - but not together, and not in any particularly… “challenging” configuration.

I think it would be hard to justify the cost as I would not be using it frequently for projects that require a precise, known configuration, or for that matter any stairs/railings that would be built - rather to create plausible environments.

BTW here’s an example of what looks like it could be a challenging railing to model parametrically. But there are lots of variations, obviously.

Since when is VisualARQ supported on macOS?

@Andrew_Turner Check this out: Stair | Food4Rhino

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Thanks - I originally posted this somewhere else and it was moved here. I have both platforms, but am currently on PC for Rhino.

I see. I didn’t mean to attack @dale though, I was just curious whether VisualARQ was finally available for macOS. I remember one of developers mentioning that it wasn’t going to be ported, until McNeel made a C++ API available for macOS, which didn’t happen up to now.