Worksession reference file materials problem

I’ve got a large-ish scene I’ve broken up using a worksession. The reference file contains materials that were originally created in the “parent” scene file and copy & pasted over or came over in the SaveAs(and maybe this only happens with materials copied one way or the other, not sure.) When I load up the worksession, the same-origin materials in the reference file get overridden by the ones in the active file. Now that might be on purpose, and might be okay except that it persists even if I change the name of the material in the active file, they’re being linked due to a hidden ID with no way to “unlink” them.

Neon shows the same thing, with the added bug that changes to the material in the active file don’t get updated on the reference geometry until a Neon restart.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the report. I will try and set up an rws file to replicate what you are seeing in order to make a bug report but if you can provide the files in one zip via that would be excellent. It may be something to do with a small detail not mentioned such as a particular material type or nesting. I’ll need to reproduce it as simply as possible for development to fix any potential bug.