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When using worksessions the materials from worksessioned files transfer to the other files. I would consider this behavior a bug. It causes a terrible mess in the materials editor. What am I missing? Is there a setting to prevent this?
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Please supply the files and detailed instructions needed to duplicate this problem.


Correction, it seems like worksession files are not being detached properly. Thus materials linger around. After closing and opening the file with the worksession, the stuck/detached model is properly gone. Please find the files and a video below.

In the actual project file I am working on, this somehow resulted in a persistent transfer of materials. But I cannot replicate it. I just have all the materials from the worksessions scattered around those file. Those files I unfortunately cannot share. I assume the problem is related and I am suspecting VA (@enric ).

FileBox.3dm (145.5 KB)
FileSphere.3dm (322.5 KB)

Hi Silvano- got that, thanks.
RH-68176 Worksession - detaching does not purge materials


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Hi @silvano,

I guess this happens in Rhino even when VisualARQ is not installed. @pascal can you confirm?



Hi @enric, I can confirm it is VA. After not loading VisualArq and Tibidabo it is not happening anymore. I think I remember the issue appearing after worksessions became possible with VA. Thanks, Silvan

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Hi Enric - it seems to happen here without VA - that is, the materials are not purged immediately when a file is detached.