Please leave Worksession mats alone

Please don’t change work session materials to the active files material just because they accidentally have the same name. Argh, I already had to open files and search and change names only to find I missed some. Just leave works session materials alone this really is a time suck why are you doing this?
You don’t let us do anything to the ws attached files but you change the materials and don’t ask.

Hi RM - I do not know if that is possible in the current scheme of things but I will get it onto the pile.
RH-66666 Worksession: respect attached file materials


Hi @pascal,
Perhaps a switch option would suffice. In large files with lots of materials its complicates matters. I don’t name my materials all the time so it only takes one duplicate to throw the whole ws out the window.
Thanks you for your quick reply and help,