Box mapping with wcs/ocs mapping seriously flawed

Hi Pascal,

The mapping technique of assigning box mapping and then assigning the wcs/ocs (box style) mapping to the texture is really having problems and is seriously buggy. I can’t use it since I can’t polar array or rotate copy or even rotate the original buttress object without the model/s losing their proper texturing.

If I only rotate the object, the texture mapping reverts to simple box mapping again and the textures rotate on some of the faces in odd directions. I even tried to make multiple textures and assign those so they didn’t share one texture and it still constantly happens. Why is the mapping not moving with the object or why is it not transforming correctly when the model is rotated? This just makes no sense.

Rotate copy of the object or Polar arraying of the Buttress object destroys the mapping as well.

I’ve attached the model please try rotating it and polar arraying it to see what I mean. Also you can see the mapping gone wrong in the attached file. In the file the parent object is the one that has proper mapping on it and the one opposite it in the array. The rest of the arrayed children show the problems from visual inspection.

OscMappingButtressProb.3dm (2.6 MB)

You have to use OCS mapping, not WCS mapping. And keep in mind it is broken when rendering and using raytraced view.
OscMappingButtressProb_OCS.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hello- try ApplyOCSMapping to the object before arraying.


Hi @pascal
I just tried your solution and if I don’t set the orientation of the ocs widget properly it blows out my previous mapping and skews some of the brick texture in the wrong direction on some of the faces where before they were all nicely aligned. But after trial and error since who can remember the widget orientation of a texture mapping session I did get it by orientating the ocs widget properly.

Can’t this be tuned up it’s terribly unintuitive and error prone there should not be this many steps…

  1. apply box mapping
    2 go into each texture and assign them to use osc box style
  2. apply osc mapping
    4 set the widget properly.
    Just to texture map an object that I can move rotate or copy.

I appreciate that Rhino is doing texture mapping and it has great options hopefully this process can be tuned to have less steps and be less error prone.

Thank you for your fast help and attention.

Hi @cadmaster

Thanks for the help and for the file. In your file the mapping is not orientated properly but that’s not your fault as you must have set the widget incorrectly. Which illustrates my last post to Pascal that this is an error prone workflow and should be more intuitive. Notice on the upper top of the buttress the bricks change direction from horizontal to 90 degrees.

Thanks for the info on the mapping bug luckily I’m exporting to Twinmotion.

Hi RM - What I mean is, as I mentioned in my original response, you can skip the box mapping altogether and just apply the OCS mapping and carry on from there.


Hi @pascal

That makes sense thanks for the heads up. One more question I see the mapping stack has box then ocs. Should I remove the box mapping first then apply the ocs mapping? What does the stack do in material mapping where now it’s listing both box and ocs?

Also for anyone reading this I had no idea how much the orientation of the mapping widget in ocs effects the outcome of the mapping. I tried it before I posted this thread and couldn’t get it to work properly. To get it to work I had to completely turn the widget 90 degrees and align it parallel to the back end of the buttress to get it to work. I think many users would give as I did unless helped by an expert.

Thanks for your help, much obliged