File size problems

Hi Guys project file is getting too big again. ~260 mb taking too long to upload every day.

I ran Audit3dmFile which revealed a couple things.

Is there any way to limit what plugin data is saved with the file. I.e. we’re using Flamingo for rendering this project but I also have Maxwell installed. For some reason Maxwell is saving a bunch of data with the file.

Also there are some bitmaps embedded in the 3dm file that i have NO IDEA where they are in the model or how they even go there to be honest. Is there any way to get rid of them?

Hi Ryan,

Try ‘-SaveAs’, the dash will bring up some options in the command line such as whether to save textures or plugin data. I’d check first to see how the file size drops if you don’t save textures in the 3dm. You can also of course make Maxwell the active engine and delete materials and environments with textures in them if you don’t plan on transferring this data to another machine later. The Save Small option is also a good one to use if you are uploading a model daily on a moderate or slow connection. This will remove the render mesh and make the file about half. Zip it to further reduce.

Hi Ryan- in addition to Brian’s comments, you can get rid of embedded bitmaps using TestPurgeBitmapTable - note this will remove all embedded bitmaps though even ones you may want (Background Bitmaps for example)

Test commands are not supported… use at your own risk!


I’m having the same Problem (File sizes exceeding). Although (as a test) I deleted and purged everything, the file still has 60 Megabytes. Audit3dmFile shows multiple Picture Frames with in total around 60 Megabytes.

I am using Picture Frames from time to time and it seems that Rhino “collects” those images, even when they are deleted. I think this should be resolved somehow as this can unnecessarily eat up massive hard-drive space.

Pascal - can this be resolved within the next SR? I think that “TestPurgeBitmapTable” is not a durable solution for daily routine.

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the feedback. Can you send me the results of Audit3dmFile please? Either post here or email to my attention please.

This is going nuts on me again… In the last two weeks file has ballooned from 200ish megabytes to 430… !!!

There have been no major additions. We’re talking about the same basic amount of geometry here.

Audit3dm shows Flamingo nXt using 160 mb and Maxwell using 120. Obviously this is the problem. The question is… WTF. I haven’t even rendered this model with Maxwell.

And Flamingo is set to link it’s textures, not embed. I’m really beside myself here.

I take it there is no way to save with selective plugin data… i.e. eliminate the maxwell data altogether.

I guess I take this up with the nXt guys…

OK nXt issue solved. Sorry this isn’t really a Rhino issue unless there is a brute force way to trash the Maxwell data from the 3dm file.

The brute force way is to use _-SaveAs with SavePlugInData=No, but this will nuke all plug-in data so you’ll need to start from scratch to add materials etc for any render plugin.


I asked @stevebaer yesterday to see if selective plug-in data removal could be implemented for V6…



Turns out Maxwell has the command Maxwell_SaveWithoutMaxwellData

Yep, I added it to our wishlist. No idea of how this sorts out in the pile of priority, but at least we have the wish recorded.

I’m having this problem. Was it ever resolved beyond just the _-SaveAs without plugin data workaround?

Maxwell also? The maxwell data bloating turned out to be a bug in maxwell. It shouldn’t actually have any significant data use ever. If you haven’t updated your maxwell plugin in a while then try that. The bug was corrected some time ago.

I’ll give it a try and get back to you.