Worksession Error - Copy InPlace

Work In Progress
(7.0.20168.13075, 6/16/2020)

Copy with InPlace option when used on an object in a attached, non-active file in Worksession results in a copy of the object in the non-active file. The copy of the object should be in the current layer of the active file. This behavior is reproducable.

CopyToClipboard followed by Paste works as expected.

This is a major nusance.

Example files:
Active file: WorkTest1V7.3dm (44.0 KB)
Non-active (reference) file: RefTest1V6.3dm (51.7 KB)
Worksession file: WSTest1V7.rws (596 Bytes)

Copy with InPlace option behaves properly in Version 6 SR28
(6.28.20175.14591, 6/23/2020)

@pascal This needs attention.

Got that, thanks

RH-59359 Copy: Worksession InPlace Copies are in the attached file