[BUG] Copy object in place is violating the purpose of Worksessions

if you use copy object in place while using worksessions, and the said object is in a non-active document layer.
The object will be duplicated in that layer in the non-active document.

I don’t know if this was desired effect but it’s not as expected when working with workspaces.

the left-button command Copy does the same non-sense thing.



This is absurd!

To add a bit more to this:

if you copy object _Undo doesn’t do anything. :rofl:

User has to close the session without saving. :poop:

Hello - here in the latest, Copy > InPlace of an object in an attached file results in a copy of that object in the current layer of the active file - that is what you expect, correct?



Works fine after restarting Rhino. (original bug is still in effect)