Duplicate Geometry with Properties from Attached File in Worksession

Hi, I feel like this situation is relatively simple, but I’m looking for a simple solution.

If I have an inactive, attached 3DM in my worksession, how can I “extract” or “duplicate” certain geometry into my current active file, while keep all of the properties of that geometry from the attached inactive file intact.
For now, I can select the specific object in the inactive file, copy, copy-in-place, and then start working with the geometry. The geometry is created on my active layer, with the same layer settings, and other object modifiers set back to default.

But for instance, I would like to select an object in the inactive file, “duplicate” it into the active file, and have the layer, sublayers, colors, linetypes, materials, etc, all matching the properties of the original, inactive object. Then I could maybe change the render material of the active file object, per face. Or set a dashed linetype for a certain modification in a drawing, etc.
As it is, I can’t even use MatchProperties on the new active object, and select the old inactive object, to get everything swapped over and the layer structure created.

Hello - I’d open that file in a second instance of Rhino and Copy/Paste to the active file in the worksession.


Thanks Pascal,
that was my sort of already functioning work around, and it was only slightly more efficient than manually restoring properties and layer structure to a copied object.
Having both files active and a second window open kinda defeats the purpose of worksession references too.
It’s strange that this particular use of the copy command on objects doesn’t preserve properties the way it does everywhere else.
I was looking through food4rhino for a script, or maybe some secret command parameter that would do the job. Anyhow.