Worksession / DWG Blocks disappear

(Richardmills22) #1

Hi, our office just recently upgraded to R6 and I’m having an issue with block information disappearing when referencing a CAD dwg into R6 using Worksession. Has anyone encountered this issue or is there a workaround for it without having to insert the DWG file?

Any help would be greatly appreciate, thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - So the symptom is there are blocks inserted to the dwg and these are not showing if the dwg is attached in a Worksession, is that correct?


(Richardmills22) #3

Hi Pascal - I have a dwg that has blocks within it. When I reference that dwg into rhino using worksession, those blocks don’t appear. If I insert the dwg, the drawing comes in correctly.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - can you send us one of these dwgs? ( so I can text with the same file you have?