Inserting block in worksession bug

Hi, I have problems inserting blocks into worksessions.

I have these files:

Worksession opens file1 for edit and file2 attached as reference. There is a block inserted in file2.

I want to open the worksession and insert the block into file1.
I use Insert file - Block definition - linked, Layer state - reference.
The block doesnt insert correctly. It behaves like it was somehow inserted into the attached file. I can see the block, but i cannot move it or delete it. There are of course no changes made to file2.

If I open file1, insert block, save it, open worksessioin, everything is ok, the block is inserted as it should. But i need to insert in when the worksession is active.

Is there something im doing wrong?


Hello - I see this - thanks, I don’t think you are doing anything wrong - at the moment it looks like a bug to me.


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