Rhino 6 worksession issue

When I place insert a block in a worksession, sometimes the block is inserted in the referenced file instead of the current file. When this happens, the inserted block cannot be deleted or moved or edited. But when you place a second instance, the previously placed block can be moved or deleted. I have uploaded a video of this behaviour. This happens quite often. Is there any way to avoid this?https://global.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/f/9/f99cac70645422a8592214cf68c536b4b2fec1d4.mp4

Hello - thanks for the report, I’ll see if I can reproduce this.
@Darryl_Menezes - a couple of questons -

  • are the blocks that you are inserting linked or embedded?
  • is there any chance that the block definitions exist in the inactive files?

So far, quick test, I do not see the problem yet here.


Hi @pascal Thanks for your response.
-The blocks are sometimes linked.
-Yes. The same block definition exists in the inactive files. I think this causes the issue.