Worksession doesn't show all of model

When I attach a file during a worksession it’s not showing all the elements that are originally shown in the file??? All the same layers are on and nothing is hidden.

Original File

Attached in a worksession

Hi djnelson - what if all layers are on? Does any of that missing stuff turn up?


Nope it’s still hidden. They are still hidden.

Here the workflow I went through

in a new file attached the "EP-EB Level 03 Embed’ & then tried attaching the “EP-PN Level 03 Layout” which shows the missing elements.

EP-EB Level 03 Embed.3dm (1.1 MB)

EP-PN Level 03 (5.9 MB)

The other file that has the missing stuff

Hm- When I attach the second file, I see what is in your first image, not the second image.


Just to make sure did you attach both files.

If attach the second file all by itself it shows everything. If I attach the first file and then the second, I get the second image.

Yep, that one. I’ll try it again to make sure.

@djnelson75 - the objects show if you make the ‘layout’ file active, correct?


Yeah it does, but if I add another level and make that active then it they disappear.

EP-PN Level 04 (5.6 MB)

Hm. I don’t know what to suggest - it all seems to work OK here.


Thanks for looking at. I will keep poking around to see if I find anything. Just to make sure that is V5 not V6 right?

Yeah, testing in V5 so far.

I assume you’ve restarted Rhino, right? And maybe even rebooted though I cannot imagine what that might do to help. I notice the blocks are linked and embedded - may not mean anything, but I just notice it, since I do not have the linked files here, so Rhino’s only seeing the embedded ones.