Working with .SAT file format

Hi everyone
I was wondering how it is possible to import and work with.sat(acis) file formats and work with them in combination with rhinocommon.
I 've got some .SAT file which are cross sections and I want to read them(.SATs) in my grasshopper component and apply them to some curve and extrude (sweep cross section along the curve)and cut them (and these kind of things)

Unfortunately, Rhino does not import .SAT files, only exports them… Do you have any other possible file formats?


I can manually change them with Autocad or some other software but It will take alot and they are alot
. I’ve seen some free or paid tool to import .SATs into Rhino.I was wondering if you’ve faced this problem and can suggest one of tools that its library can be used within c# to import them automatically with coding and then work with it later on with Rhinocommon?

There is a .SAT importer available for Rhino 5:

– Dale