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Hello Everyone,

I have been trying many methods for importing geometry from Rhino to Revit for a while (like rhino.inside, some importation types, etc.). I’m new to Grasshopper even though I use Dynamo often. I would automatize Grasshopper side and I will explain what I want to do.

I just try to convert grouped breps to one SAT file and not working. Could you please help me about this situation.

Exporting (13.7 KB)

  1. For the input File Location, you’ll need a SAT file path, e.g. C:\Something\something.sat, rather than a directory.
  2. It’s better if you can provide your 3dm file or internalize BReps inside the gh file.

Are you going to export groups into separated files, or export multiple groups into one file? For the former one, you don’t need to group geometry in Grasshopper. Pancake’s multi export works by branches.

Exporting (11.9 KB)

@gankeyu - Hi the Pancake ImportFrom node seems to generate a geometry collection of mesh objects from my input files (typically OBJ) . Pancakes ExportAS node for SAT seems to require breps not meshes. Although I can attempt to create breps from the imported meshes it seems unreliable. Can you suggest a better workflow for translating OBJ to SAT ?

OBJ files may contain Meshes or NURBS Breps. It’s possible your OBJ file contains mesh only. To confirm that, try importing OBJ into Rhino manually. Pancake basically simulates the import process.

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thanks @gankeyu you are quite right, my test OBJ file did just happen to be surface meshes only. :roll_eyes: