Rhino problem exporting to ACIS .sat for machine Hundegger


this days we are facing a big problem with Rhino export to ACIS solid model. Our client have SEMA and Dietrich’s wood construction apps. None can’t import our model. So this time Rhino is useless. We tried everything, the only way is re-draw in Revit and saved as .sat model. We also tried import with simple solid box model from Rhino. Mission impossible. The end results of model must be .bvn format ready for wood machine Hundegger K2. I also contact University professor, Robert Lansdale Okino Computer Graphics, Dietrich’s developer team and bunch of construction guys about this issue.

Please, can someone help.


You could give CAD exchanger a try. Maybe export from Rhino a STP then convert to SAT.



I am facing the same problem here, that Dietrichs can not import the SAT exported from Rhino.
How did you end up solving it?
thanks and Best,