SAT format problem

If there are several objects exported as sat, when they get imported into Revit they get imported as one element, with handle arrows for each face. Is there anything to do for this format, in order to get several objects? It will improve the workflow a lot, especially when family elements for Revit are drawn in Rhino.

This is a snapshot from revit with 4 cubes created in rhino and imported as sat. I can’t break them apart into 4 extrusions. Explode in revit will create separate faces.

Hi Bogdan - just a shot in the dark, but are there any options in Revit’s SAT import?


Hi Pascal!
I double checked with Revit 2017 and there are no import options. I tried to export in different versions of SAT format and I get the same thing. I was hoping that something could be done with how the sat file is written.

p.s. Revit 2018 has direct 3dm import, but i haven’t tested.

I really need some help on this problem. I have many building components already drawn in Rhino and I don’t want to redraw them in a clumsy way in Revit. I tried to export and import piece by piece so i can have them as separate extrusions, but it takes too much time, it’s a horrible process.

I also tried dwg export but the import is bad, as you can see in the image below.

DWG import:

SAT import:

Is there any way to script this? I just need simple extrusions but separate elements.

Hi Bogdan - I don’t have a good idea - I can perhaps script the export process per extrusion, but I have no control over the SAT handing, especially at the Revit end. @scottd - do you have an idea?


having explored this quite a bit - it’s the nature of revit’s import. Not really a Rhino problem! You can use a tool like Wombat’s export file to path in Grasshopper to batch export separate SATs from all of your objects and then import them all into revit separately - that’s about the best possible option.

Using Rhynamo and Springs the process is quite straightforward, directly from 3DM file. No need of exporting into SAT.
Imported into a family environment, they become separated and Free Form Elements, which can be manipulated.

This method shows that somehow it is possible to get separated geometry from Rhino, even as a free form.

My wish : It would be nice to get the same result directly from a Rhino6 export.

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