Working with a huge mesh surface

Hello the Internet,
I’m working with a pretty large environmental model that’s made out of mesh. What I need to do is to move some of the point in order to change the terrain. Now to activate controlling points, I’d need to convert it into NURBS, problem beeing: the model contains approximately 800’000 meshs … Whenever I try to convert it, Rhino crashes because of the large scale. Any suggestions what I could do?

The file is pretty big so I couldn’t attach it, but below you’ll find the link to dropbox and the .3dm, thank’s in advance for any help!
kind regards, Miro

You do not need (or want) to convert your terrain to NURBS in order to manipulate it via control point editing. Just turn on points for the mesh in the same way you would for curves/surfaces and edit away. You might want to look at the command SoftMove on groups of control points to get them to move together with falloff.


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Thanks for the reply.
I cannot activate control points, Rhino says it’s not possible because the mesh has over 1 million vertices.

Ahh. Well, a couple of things you could try.

  1. You could use the command ReduceMesh and see if you can’t get the mesh to a managable size.
  2. You could use the Drape command to drape a NURBS surface over the mesh and edit the surface

In both cases you will lose some fidelity, the NURBS surface will smooth over detailed areas more than the mesh reduction will I think, but I don’t know what your end goal is.


Well it’s ok if I loose detail. thank you so much for your answer and have a nice day!

kind regards, Miro