Working on virtual workstation (cloud)

Hi to all !
There is anyone who might give me any report/experience about working on virtual workstation ?
I know that there are some “farms” whic let operators to render their files ( often by VRay)
But I’m wondering if it could be possible to model with Rhino, on a virtual workstation (hosted in a cloud system),
from anywhere I go, without carrying with my Dell Precision…

Thank you very much for any suggestion… :slight_smile:


Without saying anything about the possibility, I think you would have to take a very close look at the Terms and Conditions of the license. You can only run Rhino on hardware that is owned by the license owner.

Going forward, if a cloud based, virtual machine becomes a viable way to run Rhino, then the license agreement could be amended. Our intent is never to block a viable alternative.

That said, so far, no virtual machine has proven reliable enough to officially support one. Our hope is at some point, we will be able to drop our System Requirements restriction on supporting users running on VMs.

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We have seen problems in the classroom when students are saving to a networked drive. I assume this can be similar to a cloud drive, in that there is a significant lag on many operations. In fact, some V-Ray rendering operations will fail completely due to the lag time.

I keep reminding students to work and save locally (on their workstation’s D-drive) to avoid these potential problems, but we were never 100% sure that was the exact reason.

Am I correct and is that the latest recommendation?

Yes, you are correct.
Rhino is not designed to work on remote drives like USB sticks or Cloud drives.
That said, generally they work pretty well provided they don’t run out of room (USB jump drive), and are not too slow because of network traffic.
Some people have good luck with it. I don’t. I never have an active file on a cloud storage device unless it was designed to be used that way like Google Docs/Sheets, etc.

Rhino makes temporary files for the file, for Undo, it creates lock files and backups depending on local settings. All of these rely on space, full rights, and reasonable performance. USB, NAS, and cloud drives can not currently provide all of that quickly and reliably.

Thank you very much to all…very good explanations…
I really don’t exactely understand why, if I install my licence on one server on my office (or school or ARTC )
all seems good and , on the contrary, the server is “remote” on a cloud system, it cannot work properly.
I know that other softwares ( Autocad , Studiomax ) work well in that environment…
But, finally, it’s not a problem…
When someone will call me to teach by his factory/office I shall continue to carry my Dell Precision workstation with me…
Have a nice day…

Labgus - Claudio