Working fades from Full - Transparency

Any thoughts as to why the case still appears, even tho MATERIAL assigned by COLOR only, and Transparency is set to 1.0 and VISIBILITY is set to UNCHECKED:

If you can post the case portion using the Export command to save just that selection, I can take a look but I have a guess nonetheless. If you have assigned a Basic Rhino material and the view where the case is visible is set to Rendered mode, it may be that the material also has some reflection value set. This will cause the surfaces to appear as a result of the default grey environment being reflected.


Yeah, I though of that. The frame shown here has the reflection value set to zero. I try to keep the materials as simple as possible, because RH/BO-2 is a bit quirky, with this as one example. Adjacent components are fully hidden but these don’t seem to work. Oh well, Thanks for trying.

Sure, post the object if you want me to take a look.

Brian -

Thanks, but no, I’ve given up and have moved on to more important steps, deciding I’ll just live with the quirky behavior. I’ve posted a FAR MORE IMPORTANT question/problem regarding moves , that if I don’t get a workable answer to, I’ll have to abandon everything anyway, and tell my client a promised portion of the deliverables is not forthcoming.
Thanks -

What happens if you put the offending object on a new layer and turn the layer off? --Mitch


Take an object, put it on a layer and try to FADE the layer to off and then back on ? Please get back to me with results? My results for LAYER is a direct on/off with NO FADE.

Thanks bud -