Workflow Question - Prepping Imported Meshes for Print

So I recently imported a SketchUp file of a Lamborghini into V7 WIP with the intent of 3D printing it as is. It imported as a Block Instance and after exploding it down to a mesh I ended up with multiple parts. Once I have several mesh panels is there any convenient way to join the separate mesh panels up to create a water tight model? Kyle H. posted a nice YouTube video on V& WIP previewing a workflow of a shoe last remodel utilizing remeshing and SubD manipulation, but the imported mesh was watertight to start with. Any workflow ideas are greatly appreciated!

Hello - Join will join it up but there is no guarantee of solid-ness from this - use ShowEdges > Naked edges to check it.


Thanks Pascal - Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to use this mesh as a reference and model over it.

Have you tried MatchMeshEdge? This kind of stitches together neighbouring naked edges.