Wooly Paths Kangaroo Break

I am losing my mind trying to figure out why this fails with more elements. Does anyone recognize this? Higher anchor strength does not help. File included if you have time to look! Thank you!

Wooly Test 1.gh (28.0 KB)


Hi Daniel. How are you? it’s been a while.

Lowering the tolerance solves this.
Basically some lines are starting out so short that their end points get combined into one, and the Length goal doesn’t like these lines that start and end on the same particle.
I’ll fix it in the next release so that they just get ignored, but for now just reduce the tolerance (say 0.00001)


Hey Daniel! Indeed.How time flies. Doing well out here in LA. Productive and creative. Spreading the Kangaroo (and Karamba) gospel ; ) How about you?

OMGgggg. Thank youuuuuuuu. Working beautifully now. That makes sense.