Parameter values - rhino objects


i am curious, if there is a way how can we gather information from common rhino objects?

1st question: I guess we are not able to automatically generate fe. volume (which is added via object/document parameters). It means that we allways need to specify the value manualy, right? Wouldn’t be fine to extract data for rhino objects the similar way as it is with VA objects?

2nd questions: Regarding to the 1st question, it would be also nice to have a possibility of creating tables including all these “interactive” values. (Talking about rhino objects)


If this is possible now, I just do not know, how to achieve the required behavior.

Thank you!
Regards, Petr

Hi @petumatr,
I add your vote for this feature. When it is done VisualARQ will be able to calculate the area, length, or volume of Rhino geometry and list it in tables. And of course it will be recalculated automatically if you edit the objects. Meanwhile you will need to create the Parameter “Volume” and assign the proper value to each object manually (or you can do it automatically from Grasshopper).


Hello Francesc,

great to hear! Thank you :slight_smile:

I´d say grasshopper is THE way…

Yes this would be a great feature. This is the right step towards Data Driven Modeling.

Ist there an news on this feature? Would have come in handy many times already.

Hi @Eugen,

Unfortunately no, there is no news on this feature.

Can you tell me which properties do you need? Just volume and/or area?


Well, both. We are regularly doing building mass studies here, which means basically placing boxes with planes as floors, and listing the numbers - areas, volumes… what the investment guys are interested in.
Will look for a Grasshopper way to do this. Could this work?

Edit: did this in Revit a few times already. Works, but would like to avoid…