VaSpace area Display precision

Hi there

Since the update the VaSpace area Display precision has changed and I can’t seem to figure out how to change it?

Hi Roi,
The display precision of the area in spaces can’t be edited yet.
We changed the number of decimals to two values by default, since we considered it was a better option than leaving only one decimal. We know that we won’t make everyone happy with this decision until this can be edited by the user, so I hope we can implement this soon.

Yeah, having it adjustable would be better. We normally leave it as one decimal for all 1:200 drawings and sometimes bump it up to two decimals for ≥ 1:100. Is there an ETA on adjustable display precision?

Hi @rheinason,

Not for now. We have it in our wishlist, where I have already added your vote. Hopefully it could be done for next year but I cannot assure you anything for the moment.

That’s really too bad, this is something that was adjustable and now isn’t. It’s always a pain when features get taken away. Is it really necessary to have this hardcoded?

Hi @rheinason

In previous versions of VisualARQ, the display precision of area wasn’t either adjustable. It was always 1 decimal, or 0 decimals if the length precision was also set to 0 on the document properties.

We have always shown areas using sq feet on the imperial system and sq meters on the metric system. Some users told us that when showing areas in sq meters, is common to use 2 decimals, so we changed our code to show 1 decimal for sq feet and 2 decimals for sq meters.

Rhino annotation style doesn’t have display precision for area or volumes, so this is something still not adjustable in Rhino, and we have plans to implement this feature for VisualARQ 3.


Sorry, in that case I’ve misunderstood, I thought all values were based on the Display Precision of the Document.