Wishing more Command-Line Docking Positions

I would like to be able to dock the Command-Line below the viewports, but not below other panels or toolbars. I think there is currently a huge waste of space in the way the Rhino docks it:

A scroll is almost always needed in the Properties panel, while the Command-Line doesn’t need to be so wide.

Wouldn’t be much better this way?

Panels and lateral toolbar would span until the status bar.

Same applies to Osnap bar, thought because it is thin it doesn’t waste as much space.

Hi Albert -

There’s a UseEntireWidthForTopBand setting in the advanced options that allows for this when it’s set to False.

On a wide screen, I also prefer.
Unfortunately I don’t have this parameter on Rhino7:

Am I looking in the right place?

The UI docking system is being completely rewritten in Rhino 8 and this is part of that work.