Can't View the Full Command Line

The command bar is partially covered, i cant seem to extend it, as a result i am unable to see the full command when ever i try to execute commands.

In addition, the top bar - with FILE EDIT VIEW…ETC is also partially covered. Does anyone know what the cause of this problem is?

Something very odd about your configuration there, having to do with screen resolution and windows display configuration perhaps… Do you have a 4K screen or something? The menus items seem very compressed or the system typeface (used for menu, command line etc.) looks too big to fit in the space provided…

Is your command line docked? If so and you undock it, what happens?

Also, your V-Ray toolbars seem to be taking up a lot of unnecessary screen real estate…


Hi Mitch,

I tried to undock and it seems like with the undocking I am still unable to see it, unless I compress the command line. ie


After Compressing


Yeah, but look at your menus at the top of the window - they’re also cut off! Something is up with your display. --Mitch