Wishes for Gumball: Self-positioning and View plane

Wish 1: It would be really handy to have an option that lets the user operate with a Gumball that positions itself automatically and always stays visible in the active viewport, completely independent from the center of the selected object(s). The idea behind this request is to make it possible to use the Gumball while zooming-in at an object while the majority of its size is hidden outside the viewport. I imagine that this is totally possible and should work in a similar fashion like the self-positioning camera target. Once the object is fully visible in the viewport, the Gumball should reset to its default position in the center of the bounding box.
Obviously, the downside of this alternative option is that, both, rotation and scale of the selected object will happen at random areas of the object. They are rarely used anyway. However, the HUGE benefit is that moving of larger objects at close-up will be extremely easy that way, eliminating the need to often reposition the Gumball manually. In some cases I have to move a certain object while I only see a small portion of its whole size. Manually repositioning the Gumball is not effective that way, because I pan or rotate the camera quite often and doing so forces me to reposition the Gumball multiple times.

Wish 2: My second request is to add a square handle to Gumball (its visibility may be optional) what always stays normal to the camera, in order to let the user move the selected object(s) relative to the current view, completely independent from the active CPlane or any custom orientation of the Gumball. That will help with quick adjusting of control points and other objects that otherwise would take a lot more time and mouse clicks to do with the Gumball, or forcing the user to often activate either '_CPlane _View (losing the ability to also use custom Gumball and CPlane at the same time) or ! _DragMode _View. Imagine the Plane handle currently present in the Gumball’s appearance, but always oriented normal to the view.

Note that this particular new View plane handle should have an option to allow free movement or snap to grid INDEPENDENTLY from the general setting of Grid snap. With other words, even if Grid snap is active, the user should be able to set free movement while using the View plane handle, and vice versa. This is crucial, because Grid snap is active most of the time and comes very handy while working with objects, however, most of the time it’s much better to be able to fine tune objects or sub-objects (control points) while not being restricted by the general setting of Grid snap. This is why, I think that there must be a separate grid snap option.

Currently, the ! _DragMode _View command is heavily restricted, because using it to fine tune control points relative to the view requires me to disable Gumball, Grid snap, Osnap and Ortho manually each time. While doing so, Gumball (obviously) is not visible, which introduces the problem of being unable to move control points or objects along the current CPlane or the custom orientation of Gumball. Having a customizable View plane handle next to the Gumball solves all those issues. :slight_smile: Having a macro to disable Gumball, Grid snap, Osnap and Ortho after activating ! _DragMode _View is not a solution.

I think that placing the new View plane handle above the Z-axis arrow is most suitable. Something like this:

Right-clicking on the handle should evoke a dialog box with a quick option to enable or disable its dedicated Ortho, which is separate from the general Ortho setting.

As an addition to the other topic (see link below), here is how I would imagine this new View plane handle to look like next to Gumball when the optional “Drag strength” handle is used: