Easy way to make this ring

Hello, everybody,

I try to make this ring, in vain. What would be the easiest way?
Thanks a lot.

this is a pretty basic question Joseph, i recommend to check a few free videos, which are plenty around.

anyway for a plain straight boxed ring start with MeshBox, give it maybe 10 x 10 x 10 faces that will give you kind of a 3d grid, then enable vertex in the snap settings. use a Polyline to draw a continuous curve around the box, you can also draw single lines and join, the outcome is the same. now replace the Meshbox with a Box and use the Polyline to trim the unneeded surface. you will end up having a polysurface like below

Explode the surfaces, keep them selected and use OffsetSrf, that will thicken them individually (otherwise it will create strange transitions) now use BooleanUnion followed my MergeAllFaces you will end up with this result.

call up FilletEdge, window select all edges and carefully input a low number, if the radius is to high it will not work properly if at all.

for a rounder version you can rebuild the straight surfaces to higher degree and bend them or use Sweep1 or even Sweep2 then proceed from OffsetSrf as described above. or you start with warped surfaces and use mesh on it to create a grid or use points on the surface to guide you. there are plenty of methods.

good luck, show us your outcome.

i never actually use the old rhino 5 render, for such quick brush ups its still pretty cool to play with i must say, so here a quick render with hammered longitudinal wave pattern, it of course does not have that solid volume as the image you provided but it should give you a starting point.

Thank you very much for the reply.
Actually, I made signet ring and then boolean difference.
Here’s the result

that makes sense, sorry i dont have any experience with jewelry. looks like you achieved it?

Kind of.
Thanks againg for your reply.