Wish - zoom



Just a quick ‘wish’ for the zoom function - can it be taken off of the scroll wheel and mapped to Alt+RMB.

It just feels like the right place for it seeing as Alt+LMB is rotate and Alt+MMB is scroll.

Also, 3dConnexion space mouse support would be brilliant.



i already got a crisis till i read the tags “maverick render”, ok i never used that before but i would never want to have rhino not working zooming with the scroll wheel. that seems so unintuitive to use extra keys to scroll… sorry and off topic off.

Don’t panic, This is all about navigation in the Maverick stand-alone app. Rhino stays as it is!


I also find it awkward as it is right now but I remember countless times where I messed up the view by accidental clicks so there’s a benefit to the way it’s set up. I’m starting to get used to it though but it sure feels awkward.

Yep, I’m finding that I’ll forget to lock the view after zooming and then go to the materials and scroll down them with the mouse wheel, then will move my cursor over the viewport while the mouse is still scrolling and whoosh…my view has gone…

Guess I’ll get used to it…

We intend to offer certain navigation presets, as have had similar requests from users of other DCC apps. It is natural to feel lost when you switch between apps, and our keyboard and mouse navigation scheme is a bit un-Rhino-ish.

Request noted.

Sorry for not having read/replied this thread earlier.

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