Wish: Visual representation for trimmed/untrimmed edges

I have a very common case of MatchSrf usage. As we know, this command works with untrimmed edge only. Currently, I just trying to make MatchSrf and if no success, starting to play around. For example, Shrink surface, then try Match again.
It would be great to understand, is the edge acceptable for match or not before running the command.

Something similar to Backface setting in Display mode.

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Trimmed vs untrimmed, would be interesting :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not sure if there’s a way. At first I thought you said naked edge vs not. But yeah I’d like to see if there’s a way for trimmed vs not.

Hello- if I understand you, it might be best if this is part of MatchSrf, rather than a thing you need to turn on and off? (Even if were is a display mode thing that you could turn on if you wanted it for some reason)


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Hi @pascal .

Actually, I would prefer to have it independently from command. If I could see un/trimmed edges before running MatchSrf, I can start manipulation to surface(s) untill getting workable edge.
Running MatchSrf for seeing edge state is almost as what we have now.

Hello, @pascal

It would be great to add this wish to the list. Hopefully it won’t dissabear there. :blush: